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Are your pipes old and rusty? Do you see rust in your drinking water? Do you constantly have to deal with leaks? It may be time to replace your pipes! San Antonio Plumbing Experts are here to help with affordable repipe services from TSBPE certified Texas Master Plumbers.

Our Repipe Services
• Copper repipe
• PEX repipe
• Pipe relining
• Partial repipe
• Full repipe

How Will I Know My Pipes Need Replacing?
When your pipes get old, you will realize it soon enough! Old pipes cause many problems ranging from rust in your drinking water (water will be discolored), leaks, clogs, and loud pipes. These symptoms aren’t enough to determine whether your pipes should be replaced though, nor which pipes need to be replaced. A Master plumber should come to your home and inspect your pipes with video equipment.

Our plumbers have state-of-the-art video cameras which can be snaked throughout your plumbing system. A full inspection is necessary to locate pipes which are severely rusted or corroded. Oftentimes, some pipes will still be in very good condition whereas others may be ready to collapse. In these cases, we can opt to do a partial repipe, saving you money.

Options for Replacing Pipes
It is important to replace old, leaky pipes in your home. The first reason is because rust can get into your drinking water and cause health problems. The other reason is because you really don’t want leaks springing in your pipes which are located within walls. The leaking water will saturated your drywall and the architecture of your home, causing damage and toxic mold growth. It is best to replace pipes before they cause this terrible damage!

Luckily, pipe replacement – or “repiping” – is often a fast job. Our Certified Master plumbers use methods like pipe lining and no-cut pipe replacement to give you new pipes without having to cut into your walls.

One option is to make small holes near the top and bottom of a piece of piping. The piping is removed in sections, with the plumber cutting the pipe as it moves down so the sections can be removed from the wall without making large holes. Then a flexible type of piping called PEX is put in its place. Pipe replacement can also be done with copper piping, but this requires soldering, which means more time. Since copper isn’t flexible, it may be required to cut larger holes into your walls. PEX has the benefit of being much cheaper than copper too.

Another option is to reline your pipes. This repipe solution involves putting a flexible tube inside your existing pipes. The relined pipes are strong and won’t leak. All our liners come with a warranty.

Our Promise
We believe in putting the customer first and promise to deliver the best plumbing services in San Antonio. To make good on our promise, we keep a staff of highly-trained, Certified Master plumbers, have our own tools and equipment – including powerful drain cleaners, rooters, and diagnosis equipment. Most importantly, we understand your needs. We work around your schedule, we provide free plumbing price quotes, and always are respectful of your property. This is why we are a leading plumbing company in San Antonio!

Don’t settle for anyone but the best. Contact San Antonio Plumbing Experts today to solve your plumbing problems quickly and affordably.

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