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Sewer Repair Services

A cracked, broken, or collapsed sewer line is one of the worst plumbing problems that can occur to you. Without any way to escape, dirty sewage water will just back up into your home or out into your yard – meaning you’ve got an unhygienic and smelly mess to deal with. Our Certified Master plumbers have what it takes to handle even the worst cases of sewer problems. We get your sewer repaired quickly and we do it without costing a fortune!
Our Sewer Repair Services

  • Sewer video inspection
  • Sewer drain cleaning
  • Slip lining
  • Trenchless sewer replacement
  • Dig and replace methods

Common Problems with Sewer Mains
If you have an older home, your sewer main is probably made from galvanized steel or iron. These materials are very strong, but they also corrode over time. Corrosion makes the sewer main susceptible to problems like cracks, sagging, holes, and tree root infiltration. Problems can also occur with newer sewer mains, such as if the sewer gets physically damaged during yard work or was installed incorrectly and collapsed. The first step of the sewer repair problem is to inspect the sewer main and identify the problem so the right steps can be made to fix it.


How We Repair Sewer Mains
At San Antonio Plumbing Experts, our goal isn’t just to solve your plumbing problem, but to do it in the fastest, least-expensive, and stress-free way possible. We understand that a broken or blocked sewer means you can’t use any of your plumbing fixtures, so we’ve got to get it fixed asap so you can get on with your life!
• Tree Roots in Sewer Mains: When tree roots have gotten into your sewer main, the first step will be to unblock the sewer main using a rooter and/or hydro jetting. For roots to invade the sewer in the first place, the sewer likely had cracks and other damage. So, we will probably recommend slip lining the sewer main. Slip lining (also Cured In Place Pipe Lining) gives you a new sewer inside your existing sewer main.
• Cracked Sewer Mains: When your sewer main is cracked, then sewage will leak into your yard. The best method for fixing cracked sewer mains is usually slip lining.
• Bellied, Collapsed and Misaligned Sewer Mains: When your sewer main has started to sag or become misaligned in any way, it is a harder problem to fix. Traditionally, this was fixed by digging trenches to access the sewer and remove and replace it. We do what we can to avoid digging up your yard, and can usually replace your sewer with just 2 access holes using a method called trenchless sewer repair.


Don’t Dig When You Don’t Have To!
Sewer mains are located underground, which traditionally made it very hard to diagnose problems and make repairs. Plumbers would have to come to your home with heavy-duty digging equipment and literally dig up the sewer main in order to inspect it then remove and replace it. This method was called “trench sewer repair” because the plumbers would dig trenches along the sewer main path. At San Antonio Plumbing Experts, we specialize in trenchless sewer repair so there is no need to destroy your yard with digging equipment.


No-dig sewer repair can be done in a few ways. One is to fix the sewer main by putting an inflatable bladder into the sewer to reinforce it. Another is to dig two holes at the beginning and end of the sewer main, then insert machinery into the first hole to break apart the old sewer so a new sewer can be put in its path. The new sewer main is connected at the other end. There is still some digging involved, but there is no need for heavy machinery and your yard is kept intact.
Our Promise
We believe in putting the customer first and promise to deliver the best plumbing services in San Antonio. To make good on our promise, we keep a staff of highly-trained, Certified Master plumbers, have our own tools and equipment – including powerful drain cleaners, rooters, and diagnosis equipment. Most importantly, we understand your needs.   We know that sewer problems are stressful and you might even be out of your home until the problem can be fixed. With us working for you, you can rest at ease knowing that the problem will be fixed swiftly, prices will be affordable, and we will respect your property. This is why we are a leading plumbing company in San Antonio!


Don’t settle for anyone but the best. Contact San Antonio Plumbing Experts today to solve your plumbing problems quickly and affordably.

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